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We offer an array of marketing support services.

Field Marketing

In this digital age, shopping can be done by a click of a button. Yet, despite the technology being engraved in our daily lives, consumers still spend most of their days and a great part of their shopping experiences in interaction with the physical world. It is therefore of great importance for companies to step out of the digital comfort zone and physically interact with clients in their areas of shopping experiences. We will help you to interact with your clients in person and ensure a great customer experience.
We do in-store demonstrations, merchandising, street activations
poster and flier distribution.

Market Surveys

A market survey can enable you to create a marketing campaign or strategy that has an impact. Market surveys also provide invaluable insights into how your potential customers feel, their attitudes, and their preferences. These insights will greatly impact every aspect of marketing from successful new product launch and testing to brand position solidification and customer satisfaction. We provide mystery shopper exercises, judging of display competitions, dip-stick surveys and customer surveys

Sales Support

How about you worry about what you are selling and you let us worry about how to effectively sell it? We can help you narrow down your sales prospects and make your work of closing sales deals easier. Our sales support team will do the heavy lifting for you and within no time you will have more qualified leads we offer retail selling, reseller recruitment, reseller management and the route to market

Corporate Training

We help our clients grow their business by training their teams to effectively deliver better sales. We train on
Customer Service Excellence
Sales Team Training
Personal Development
Negotiation Skills

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